Our Initiatives

Everything we do leaves an environmental footprint behind and Pfeiffer Dining has several program initiatives that support sustainability. We are committed to a more sustainable dining experience allowing options that are healthier for you and the environment. This commitment was formalized with Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan. Our mission is to improve quality of life of all we serve. The Better Tomorrow Plan includes 18 commitments for a brighter future by focusing on four key priorities: health, planet, community and people.

Reusable To-Go Container

We are glad to provide our students with a reusable to-go option at Stokes Dining Hall. This program is designed to provide the convenience and flexibility of taking meals to-go while eliminating waste associated with disposable packaging.

Xprss Nap

Xpress Nap Dispensers save energy and waste. Not only are the napkins are made of 100% recycled paper, the dispensers encourage customers to take (and waste) fewer napkins. Energy is saved because less power is used to recycle paper products than to create them from virgin material.


We are committed to ensuring that 100% of seafood and fish sourced and promoted by Sodexo is sustainable.


We recycle on campus to reduce and reuse material on campu. We recycle the following products: cardboard, plactic and paper.