Frequently Asked Questions

All new residential first-year & transfer students sign up for a meal plan during the housing application process. Returning resident students select their meal plans during the room selection process. Commuters may purchase a Block Plan directly from the Business Office located in the Administation Building.

All students residing on campus are required to have a Traditional Meal Plan.

Absolutely, You may purchase any Meal Plan that we offer. You may purchase directly from the Business Office Located in the Administration Building.

Students living on campus select their Meal Plan as part of the housing selection process each Academic Year.

Your Meal Plan is an annual contract that is in effect for the full Academic Year. Some changes are permitted; some are not permitted or may have ramifications that are not in your best interest financially. Please refer to the Meal Plan contract for details. If you have questions, please stop by the Business office (704)463-3019

Stokes Dining is open until 8:30PM Monday through Thursday and until 7:00PM Friday through Sunday. But, if you are unable to make it during these time periods, we have other dining options available on campus. Sandella's is open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. You can also use Meal Plan Dollars, Dining Dollars, Falcon Cash, Cash, or Credit/Debit Card at any Campus Dining Location.

You can designate someone to come to Stokes Dining on your behalf and pick up food for you. Please see your RA or RD for details on the process

Your Meal Plan is non-transferable and may only be used by you. Meal Plan Dollars, Dining Dollars, and Flex Dollars may also be used to pay for meals for your guests at any of the Campus Dining Locations.

You can add Dining Dollars or Flex Dollars to your Falcon card at any time. The minimum deposit is $25. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars deposits may be made in person at the Business Office with cash or check payable to Pfeiffer University. These accounts are not part of your annual Meal Plan Contract and therefore cannot be added to your tuition bill. They will, however, remain active as long as you are affiliated with Pfeiffer University. This means your balances carry from semester to semester and year to year.

Although it is not possible to add Meal Plan Dollars to your Falcon Card account, you may add Dining Dollars , which is used in the same way and at the same places as Meal Plan Dollars. Or you may add Flex Dollars, which is used in all the same dining locations, plus snack & beverage vending machines on campus. Dining Dollars and Flex Cash deposits may at the Business Office located in the Admissions Building. The Student Accounts Office can take cash or check deposits only between 8AM and 4:30PM Monday through Friday during each semester. Parents and others may deposit Dining Dollars or Flex Dollars to a student's account by calling (704)463-3019 by having the student's 7-digit PU Student ID number. Click on the link for Parents and Guests to proceed. You can be assured that the student will have immediate access to the funds you have deposited.

The main difference is that Meal Plan Dollars are a set amount that is part of your meal plan each semester. Unused balances carry only from the Fall Semester and will be added to your Meal Plan Dollar allotment for the Spring Semester. They will expire at the end of the academic year when your Meal Plan ends. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars are not tied to a meal plan in any way. They are both accepted at all of the campus dining locations. Flex Dollars is also accepted at snack and beverage vending machines on campus, and Flex Dollar accounts do not expire. They remain on your Falcon Card as long as you are affiliated with PU--as student, faculty or staff. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars will remain on your account until graduation, withdrawal or separation from PU.

Yes, the PU Catering Department is available for your catering needs—large or small—from meetings, receptions and elegant dinners to budget-friendly Club Catering and meal take outs for off-campus events. For details, please email Andrew Stauch at or call (704)463-3448.